The Persistence of Hitchcock: Hitch Meets The Crypt Keeper

16 05 2011

Back in the good old 1990s, Alfred Hitchcock made an appearance in the opening to “Tales from The Crypt.” The Crypt Keeper is doing a riff on Forest Gump, which is ironic when you consider that they probably used Gump-style special effects to put Hitch on that park bench next to C.K. Here it is, in all its silly glory:




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17 05 2011
Jim Salicrup

Wasn’t Gump director Robert Zemeckis a producer/director on TALES FROM THE CRYPT? I seem to remember he directed an entire episode (“You, Murderer”) with “Humphrey Bogart”– or as seen from his POV. And of course, this bit with Hitchcock.

17 05 2011

Hi Jim – Yes, you’re right… as a matter of fact, Zemeckis directed this episode, “You, Murderer.” As Hitchcock said, “Self-plagiarism is style.” Thanks for pointing this clip out to me over a year ago, by the way!

17 05 2011

I have this episode of TFTC somewhere carved in an ancient stone tablet called a “videocassette”. Nice Hitch cameo and a fun episode, too. Thanks for recalling another great memory, Adam!

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