Alfred Hitchcock and Myron Selznick

9 12 2013


Alfred Hitchcock (yes, with mustache) in about 1924, with Myron Selznick. In the late 1930s, Selznick would be instrumental in Hitch’s emigration from Britain to Hollywood, CA, where the director had signed a long-term contract with Selznick’s younger brother, producer David O. Selznick.




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9 12 2013
Brian Hannan

Amazing photo. As you say, Myron was instrumental in getting Hitchcock the deal with David O Selznick. At one point he was a much bigger player on the Hollywood scene than David. A good many of Myron’s clients ended up as a matter of course in David’s films. Then Myron would take out ads in the trade papers promoting how well his clients were doing. Often the reason his clients were in David’s films was because they had no contracts with other studios and were free to work – and cheap.
Brian Hannan – author of Hitchcock At the Box Office

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