When Mel Met Alfred

19 01 2013

Here’s a quick laugh for the weekend: In his recent interview with Joy Behar, Mel Brooks—one of the funniest people alive—discusses his lunches with Alfred Hitchcock. Click here to watch the video at the Current TV website, then come back and keep reading for my takeaway on it.

Meanwhile, here’s the theatrical poster from Brooks’s hilarious tribute to Hitchcock, “High Anxiety.”

High Anxiety movie poster

So, did you watch the video? Here’s what I took away from it: First, the idea Hitch pitched to Brooks was fantastic, and I wish one of them had used it. Second, Brooks’s description of Hitch’s meal at Chasen’s jibes with other descriptions of Hitch’s eating habits from various biographies, which until now I had a hard time believing. And lastly, although Brooks talks about Hitch and Tippi Hedren, I don’t believe he could have had any real information there, as Brooks knew Hitchcock about ten years after Hedren had broken with Hitch. I assume Brooks was basing his impression of what might—sounds like typical Hollywood behavior at the time.


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