Happy Birthday, Sir Alfred!

13 08 2010

Friday, August 13 marks the 111th birthday of Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, KBE, the man we call the Master of Suspense. To celebrate, I’ve assembled this gallery of Hitchcock images so we can remember him not only as a filmmaker but also as a vibrant person. His character and interests inform all his best pictures, making them expressions of his own desires, fears and loves.

First off, my friend Rick Parker provided this look at Hitchcock as he might look if he still walked the Earth today! That’s right, it’s Zombie Hitchcock!

Next we have Facebook friend Abel Saidman with this lovely Hitchcock painting:

Here’s a Hitch sketch from the great comics artist Joshua Middleton:

This one’s from some hack named Al Hirschfeld:

Finally, here are a few other oddball images of Hitch from TV appearances:


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