The Art of “The 39 Steps” Part 2: The Lobby Cards

30 04 2010

Following my recent post showing off theatrical posters for “The 39 Steps,” which you can see here, tonight we’ll look at two sets of lobby cards.

If you don’t know, lobby cards were a staple of theaters for many decades, stretching back at least to the 1930s up through the 1970s. They fell out of fashion at some point, and there’s probably not much chance that they’ll ever make  a comeback – these days when you go to a theater, you’ll see either posters or giant cardboard standees, but that’s about it.

You can click on these to embiggen them. The black and white ones are from the original release of “The 39 Steps” in 1935, while the color ones are from a rerelease sometime in the late 1940s, I believe. As before, I found these on the Hitchcock wiki site – but I did not bother posting two-tone versions of images that were later released in full color.

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