1000! Frames! of Hitchcock!

28 01 2010

Before I jump into my next Hitchcock picture, 1927’s “The Ring,” let’s make a quick detour to look at an amazing resource. I’ve mentioned the Hitchcock Wiki page before, which is in itself invaluable for anyone doing research on Hitch, his movies, collaborators, stars, etc.

The site also includes an incredible page called 1000 Frames of Hitchcock. As the page explains, it is an attempt to create a library of frames from the 52 major Hitchcock movies – at 1000 frames per picture!

This image composes the 1000 frames from each film in 52 rows!

Close up, the frames start to get pretty abstract. Almost looks like it belongs in The Museum of Modern Art, doesn’t it?

Anyway, the page says that it is intended as a resource for articles, bloggers, etc., totalling nearly 117 million frames and taking up 1.3 terrabytes of space! I am happy to dig my way through it to find wonderful images like these…

The Hitchcock Wiki and the 1000 frames project are run by Dave Pattern, who has a blog where he discusses the imagery of Hitch’s pictures, including some fascinating color analysis, like this one on “The Colors of North by Northwest.” He also creates entirely new works of art from Hitch’s movie frames like this one composed from black and white Hitchcock movies:

Obviously there’s a lot to see at the Hitchcock Wiki, and I recommend it highly for anyone interested in film.

This weekend, I’ll be back with a new post on “The Ring,” and we’ll see how Hitch treats the sweet science.


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