New URL, Same Alfred Hitchcock

12 04 2013

When I started this blog a few years back, my goal was to watch and write about every movie Alfred Hitchcock ever directed. I accomplished that goal and more, and have written about all 53 movies directed by Hitchcock, as well as books, television series, radio shows and much more. And it seems that the more I learn about Hitchcock, the more there is to say.

So, as you probably gathered already, I’ve change the name of the blog to “The Hitchcock Report,” which I believe is a little broader than the previous URL, “Hitchcock and Me.” I have a long list of new posts in mind, and my new goal is to post more often than before, with shorter features on a broader range of topics.

Coming up, I’ll be looking at books that inspired Hitchcock movies, “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” TV shows that touch on the world of Hitchcock, new events and more. I think it’s going to be fun, and I hope you’ll stick around!




One response

12 04 2013
Ron Hobbs

Always glad to receive your posts Adam. The more I read about Hitchcock, the more I like.

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