Which Hitch Do You Prefer?

28 04 2012

Recently, both of the upcoming films about Alfred Hitchcock – “The Girl,” starring Toby Jones, and “Hitchcock,” starring Anthony Hopkins – have released images of their respective stars made up and outfitted as The Master of Suspense. Here they are…so now the question is which one looks more macabre to you?

Toby Jones (with Sienna Miller) in "The Girl"

Anthony Hopkins in "Hitchcock"

Of course, neither of them looks quite right in these shots, although they do look very good. Our Hitch was an unusual looking person, and finding a double for him would be nigh on impossible. Still, both of these actors have a knack for impersonation: Hopkins made a convincing Richard Nixon in “Nixon,” and Jones channeled Truman Capote in “Infamous.”

I first raised some questions about casting on these movies in this post – but now that we’re seeing images from the movies, I’ll ask again: What do you think of this casting, and who would you like to see playing Sir Alfred?




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28 04 2012

I will be biased in favor of the one whose trailer is a remake of the original trailer for “Psycho,” “The Birds,” or “Marnie.” Personally, I’d love to see Sir Anthony strolling the grounds of the Bates Motel, but we’ll see.

25 09 2012

We have come up with: (Living) Albert Finney, Richard Griffiths and possibly Timothy Spall, and (Dead) Peter Sellers or Robert Morley

28 11 2012
Burma Markowski

Anthony hopkins is still one of the best actors these days eventhough he is very old. `

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