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4 08 2010

Alfred Hitchcock made the move from England to Hollywood for a number of reasons: Bigger budgets for his pictures, actors more in tune with his approach to filmmaking, more creative freedom and greater opportunities to promote his work and himself. Hollywood had moved beyond posters and lobby cards with the theatrical trailer, giving audiences a taste of upcoming movies long before the days of TV commercials and talk show appearances.

Here’s the trailer for “Foreign Correspondent,” promoted as “The Thrill Spectacle of the Year.”

As a bonus, here’s Hitch himself, talking with Dick Cavett about “Foreign Correspondent” and more, probably around 1970. The segment runs close to nine minutes and includes discussions about the casting of the film and how the incredible plane crash was created.




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31 01 2011
Lois Baldridge-Roseberry

I totally enjoyed the movie and told my husband at many turns what to expect and I was right. This was the first time I’ve seen this movie. The whole implication regarding the pre-war status in London and the final scenes of Jones telling America their help was needed brough me emotionally to a place of rears. My dad was a POW (Army Air Force radio operator B29) in Stalag 17b in Krems Austria for nearly 3 years. He very nearly lost his life. The tears are for those who had to give their lives to stop Hitler and Japan as well as the grateful heart that my dad lived and I’m alive as a result. My Aunt Lois lost her husband to polio and was left with 6 kids to raise. She met Stan Finestone who lost his wife and child when London was bombed. They have been married 60 years now and has been such a loving stepfather and husband… Lois is dad’s older sister and I’m named after her.
The movie was so well made that I just wanted to give it a 5 star rating in my opinion.
Thank you for this opportunity to share my response with you. Please continue with the work you do regarding the films made by Hitchcock. He has provided many hours of enjoyment for us.
Lois Baldridge-Roseberry and J. William Roseberry

31 01 2011

Thanks for your comments. Hitchcock felt it was very important to make movies like “Foreign Correspondent” to raise awareness of the situation in England to help sway those in the US who did not want to get involved.

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