The Art of “The 39 Steps” Part 1: The Posters

21 04 2010

Here’s a little eye candy from “The 39 Steps” – it’s a collection of theatrical posters issued by Gaumont British, the 1935 film’s distributor, from the original release and subsequent rereleases.

The English, Spanish and French versions are easy enough to identify, but the others are a little trickier. I believe there’s a German poster, and there are also a couple that look like Polish or Dutch… anyone who has an idea, please comment below – I’d love to know more!

You can click on each image to get a better look – and they come to us courtesy of the Hitchcock Wiki page!

I love the design of these posters, and also this fantastic headline:


Doesn’t get much pithier than that, does it?

Coming up soon, we’ll look at more of the art of “The 39 Steps,” including storyboards, production stills and lobby cards.




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