Alfred Hitchcock on “What’s My Line?”

13 03 2010

Alfred Hitchcock shows off his cheeky wit in this funny appearance on the very popular game show “What’s My Line?”

The clip is almost certainly from 1954, given the fact that “Rear Window” is playing on theaters near Broadway at the time.

Of course, even though he puts on a silly French accent, it doesn’t take too long for the panelists to figure out who Hitch is. I love Dorothy Kilgallen’s very odd question about Harry’s Bar; I also loved Hitch’s mock disdain for Biblical epics, and his self-deprecating answer to the question about his movie cameos.


This post is not only a small treat for a Saturday afternoon. It’s also my chance to show off the updated look on my Hitchblog, with new art at the top and buttons on the right that will take you to my Facebook and Twitter pages. Please leave me a comment if you like the new look!




2 responses

14 03 2010
Lance Woods

What a treat! Love watching Hitch non-Presents appearances. (Makes me want to redouble my efforts to find his Merv Griffin interview from when Family Plot opened.) Thanks, Adam!

27 03 2010


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